Persona or Persona’s…

Take one mask off and put another on… the question lingering is whether we show  different persona’s and personalities online and offline. Many may argue we do as we project a certain mask through social media platforms to the global community, specifically projecting what we want others to see. However this may not be our real-world persona.

William James, an american philosopher and psychologist once suggested “We have as many personalities as the number of situations we are in. Although our digital identity may be fragmented, it seems clear that our various online personas are all digital breadcrumbs of the same persona; different symptoms of our same core self.”


As masks are a ready made identity they have played an important role throughout society and still continue to nowadays. Look back 1000 years when masks were used  for many different reasons such as films, theatre performances and public events conveying a specific persona to the audience much like that of today. However masks were seen as a item in which an actor would wear within a play to disguise their true selves and create a different persona to the audience. For example Ancient Greek Theatre masks were used to distinguish different types of roles, stories and characters. Flashing forward to nowadays masks are still prominent throughout movies and theatres for very similar reasoning although ‘masks’ can be identified predominately through online mediums. Take a look at the movie ‘The mask’ a movie which depicted two different persona’s through the use of a mask.

Masks enable and allow us to be our true selves, another example can be identified through the rise of recognising individuals as cos-players. Their costumes represent and portray a ready made identity of a specific character. The rise of cos-players throughout societies has depicted the contemporary notion of persona’s and the versatility of them as they are regularly being alternated to adapt to a forever changing and advancing society.

Take one look at this iconic character who has now generated a new persona within society.


Here’s a go of my first youtube video, on the different persona’s of the Kardashians. Sorry about the picture quality i don’t know what went wrong..!

And.. there you have it the last blog post for BCM112, catch you on the flip side, I’m out!


-Zo xo


7 thoughts on “Persona or Persona’s…

  1. Hey Zoe! Congrats on finishing your last BCM112 blog. This was a really interesting take on what this weeks content was on. I really like how you took the content and completely reflected on it, in a very individual way. I personally believe that our projection online, as part of the human condition, is to present only the good stuff. The things that leave us warm and happy. Your take however, proves to be interesting, I would argue that the mask is put on due to a fracture of one’s identity. Perhaps putting on a facade is easier then being ones self? I found this cool little poem that you might be interested in:
    -Skye x

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  2. Hey Zoe, cool blog post! I liked how you used a variety of different examples to illustrate your idea of the “online” mask or persona. It’s an interesting topic. I think that putting on a mask or creating an online persona is a way to experiment with different identities in a relatively safe environment.
    Anyway, on your example of the Kardashian’s personas… Check out this article about Kim’s stylist. It’s a bit of a long read but it goes a little into the process that this celebrity takes to create her own persona. (It helps when you have the money to afford a professional stylist).
    As for your video, good first attempt. Putting something up in the first place can often be the hardest part. I think (although am not 100% sure) that the reason the video quality is not so good may be because the images you used are not particularly big. If I’m right then they are being stretched out of proportion to fit the video.


  3. Hey Zo,

    Gotta say that I adored reading your posts. Your use of gifs and examples are terrific, especially the Mission Impossible one! I like the idea of the internet being a virtual mask, which you explained very well. If you were to delve deeper into this concept, I would recommend reading this article and or watching the film “Disconnect” with Jason Bateman.

    Great work on your blog


  4. Hey Zoe,

    Really good post, love that solid intro with the quote to finish it off. I find it pretty interesting how the whole ‘masks’ thing is and will continue to be something we engage in unknowingly every day with social media. I mean some of it may be a conscious decision, and for others its just become habit.
    I like your point that ‘masks enable and allow us to be our true selves’, it’s true but it is also a case of wearing ‘masks’ helps people to fake who they are so that other people won’t judge them (that’s just an example). Look at this short film which goes into the whole concept:

    Anyway, loved the post and the integration of images and media was really good and stayed relevant to the post.



  5. Great post, You make an interesting point about about utilising a mask as a way to create a faceless persona. The face helps create a completely new persona that is not influences by your own personality but rather is a symbol that creates meaning.


  6. I have been using a mask on Twitter my whole time but feeling more real than ever, to me persona is empowering instead of dilusioning. However, you can be consumed by your own version of alternate personality. The movie split though not mentioning persona on digital media but give a good perspective on persona in general, defi check it out!!


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