Locked Appliances vs Generative Platforms…?

Generative open platforms and closed locked appliances, both diverse with two distinctively different driving philosophies. The incline of the ‘closed locked’ appliance such as the apple iPhone and the generative open platform approach of Twitter has generated questioning on the effectiveness of both approaches in the eyes of consumers.


The driving device philosophy of apple, is to create a preprogrammed device in which individuals can not change, nor interact with the hardware or operating systems. Apple has generated a fully centralised network approach in which they insist to create among the consumers. This approach can be identified through Apple’s ‘Wall garden of apps’ the apple store in which is a curated experience. Apple has complete control over the platform, the content and your possible choices,  limiting users access…

Lets just take one look back at what the primary way of adding and integrating music to the iPod was in 2001. Apple made users go through the process of iTunes to download music, and many may ask why in this generation??? Think about it… it’s all about CONTROL CONTROL CONTROL. Or even just think about how every few years Apple will bring out a new device which supersedes recent devices rapidly, making us to upgrade to the next ‘big trend.’

Apple holds it’s control through these changes by implementing small changes on the devices. Think back to the change and advancement from the iPhone 4 to the iPhone 5 in which saw the modification of the size of the charging port on both devices. Shortly after the iPhone 4 was dead in the eyes of the consumers. These devices are restrained to the maker (Apple) in which are designed for pure consumption.

Gif- Giphy

On the other hand generative platforms have a diverse driving mechanism as they allow for innovation and unlimited freedom. Just take one look at Twitter in which shifted from a locked platform to a generative as a result of individuals creating content and innovations then sharing it to the rest of the world through this particular medium. The use of a generative open platform creates a user empowering philosophy allowing for individuals to foster their creativity. Take a look at this ted talk from Evan Williams who states how generative open platforms can lead to creativity and innovations as a result of freedom and control.

Although the overall question consumers are left pondering is which philosophy is really empowering users? Locked appliances or generative platforms.


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