The transformation of copyright..

From a generation where the notion of owning an idea as obscured, where creators had no claim on their intellectual work. Producing it to be modified or sold by other creators. To nowadays with the strict rules and regulations surrounding copyright. The implementation of laws(1) such as the Statute of Queen Anne (1710) to the Berene Convention giphy-1.gif(1886) advancing to the current US copyright law, stating a monopoly right for 70 years after the author’s death. These laws have been enforced  to prevent and minimise copyright from occuring within societies.

Although many would argue that the copyright laws are too rigid. The real question lies are they? Here’s a little insight into the brutality of the current law. Khloe Kardashian(2) has been sued for $200,750 by a paparazzi agency for posting a picture of herself on her own social media platform. What has this world come to?? The paparazzi agency stated that she took a photograph they snapped of her while she was out in pubic and posted it to her own social media ac200-3.gifcount without permission or consent. However does she have to be granted permission to post a photo of herself which was snapped without her permission, i’ll leave that up to you to decide. Although with large corporations and industries controlling ideas and content now days it generates us to re-evaluate whether our ideas are ours any longer.

However ill leave you to ponder on this thought, without copyright we would not have fairytales or memes..

Zo x


5 thoughts on “The transformation of copyright..

  1. Hey! This was a really interesting blog post, i really liked your gif as it does explain the topic! Although, it is a little long so I would suggest trying to stick to the word limit as recommended by the assessment outline!

    I found this article which is relevant to your last sentence as i did research after reading your post! Here is the link, 🙂


    1. Thanks for your constructive feedback on this post! That article in which you recommend was really intriguing and relevant, thanks heaps for sending it through!

      – Zo xo


  2. Hey, this was a good blog post! Your example of Khloe Kardashian is actually so interesting, I’ve never heard of that happening before! And you’re right, if the paparazzi themselves don’t have permission to be taking photos of her, doesn’t that defeat the purpose of the lawsuit?? The irony is so real.
    In the future try not to reiterate the lecture (just the beginning of your post) but other than this was a good post!- V


  3. Good use of examples! I agree with Have A Beer With V above, I had never heard about the Khloe Kardashian incident either, and it seems utterly ridiculous! I think that the laws have become extra strict, to the point where it’s becoming unfair and insane. Obviously without the laws, media would be crazy, but maybe they should revert back to how they used to be a few decades ago? I think the growth in strictness is because of the “outrage culture” we have developed. Here’s an interesting article about it:
    I really enjoyed your post! Keep up the good work.


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