Rise of remix culture..

Remix culture; the combining and editing of existing materials to produce something new. However it has been debated whether it is it’s own art form or whether it is the death of creativity(1).

Flashing to present day society the rise of remix culture has generated everyone to be able to remix anything at the touch of a button(2). Photos, videos, music anything can be remixed to create and produce a new project and meaning. With no expensive tools and no distributor only just skills needed has depicted the ease in which individuals can remix and distribute something globally at the touch of a button within modern day society. 200.gif

The implementation and the ease of the ‘copy tools’ within todays generation has generated a large majority of remixes within society. For example on the music side of remixes it is illustrated through the band ‘Sugar Hill Gang’ in particular the song ‘Rappers Delight’ which the base line from the song has been used in dozen’s of other songs. Such as, ‘It’s all good – Will Smith’, ‘The adventures of grandmaster flash- Grandmaster Flash’ and ‘Everything gonna be alright- Father Mc’. Another significant example is Led Zeppelin. The opening line for ‘Stairway to Heaven’ is pulled from ‘Spirit- Taurus’.

On the other hand the remix of films are generally built and remixed on other books, Tv shows, plays and toys.  For example the ‘Flash Gordon’ series was a huge influence on the creation and foundation of StarWars in which was articulated to be the updated series. However without George Lucas copying material and ideas then combining and transforming them to create a different meaning there would be no StarWars as ‘creation requires influence’(3).

Everything we make and create is a remix of a existing creation whether we know it or not. Our lives and the lives of others also have significant influence on our remix culture. l1KVa7ewvHMrwt9HW.gif

Heres a link to a youtube clip of personal favourite remix by Gramatik & Ramzoid  remixing  flume’s song ‘Wall Fuck’.

And… here is a example of my first remix made through garage band.


-Zo xo

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7 thoughts on “Rise of remix culture..

  1. Hi Zoe,
    Really good insight and explanation! You have some really relevant examples which made it easy to understand the link between remixing and terming it “copying”. I was also intrigued by the fact that some popular films are in fact remixes of other forms of media, or attribute components of the storyline . Also great to see some incorporation of gifs, would have been nice to see your own attempt at creating a remix through sites such as https://www.ujam.com/remixing
    Good job 🙂


  2. Hey Zoe!
    I really loved reading your post! You went into such great depth and explanation of the topic. As well as the concept of remix itself, it really helped build my own understanding! I thought the amount of examples you included within this post was excellent, especially acknowledging not only music but also film, tv shows etc…to be subjected to remixes. The inclusion of relevant and informative hyperlinks was also a great addition to the post, they really emphasised and clarified all of your points being discussed! I thought the addition of the flume song was super cool and interesting considering flume is a DJ himself, someone else remixing his song is super ironic. I really enjoyed your gif and the inclusion of your own remix/mashup, was great! Overall such an interesting read, great job 🙂


    1. Thankyou so much for your comment, it was so lovely! Im glad you enjoyed this blog post, as i found it very interesting myself and enjoyed writing about this topic!

      Thanks heaps zo x


  3. Hey Zoe,

    Another really good, and engaging post! Loved the intro especially.
    It’s pretty interesting how easy it is to find something and copy it and essentially put it elsewhere and have people praise you for it. I mean you might make it different but isn’t the work of the person originally who should be praised? It’s a weird subject.
    The fact you addressed most platforms where this sort of thing occurs was great and in combination with the links you gave, it became a very informative piece of writing.
    Your own remix was pretty good for a first try, here’s an example of a remix I think is better than the original work: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2-KBNOJZFKs



  4. Hey Zoe! 😉
    Some people view remix culture as death of creativity? Wat?
    Remix culture can include anyone, as you pointed out, its inexpensive and has no distributor meaning that anyone can join in and be a part of this culture.
    While people argue that remix culture limits creativity, it also expands the imagination of people creating or even viewing the content as it combines two different medias together. Its good to mention how George Lucas was influence by ‘Flash Gordon’ to create Star Wars as Star Wars is one of the most popular and well know series of all time.
    Keep up the good work!


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